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Windows 7 frozen problem Print E-mail

Note .... this isn't intended to be a step by step guide to resolving this problem, but instead is intended to give an overview of the diagnosis process and resolution.


The client concerned has 2 identical Dell Vostro PCs in his office running Windows 7, purchased nearly 3 years ago. When he opened up his office one day last week he found that one of the PCs froze a few minutes after booting up, with what appeared to be a semi-opaque block over the screen. On switching on the other PC he found that was exhibiting the same symptoms (the semi-opaque block on the second PC was smaller, only around 20% of the screen). At the time of freezing, the clock stopped and task manager (if running) wasn't updating so no clues here. The PCs had both been used problem-free the previous day, there had been no known changes to either system.

Effects of more memory Print E-mail

A client asked me to look at an old PC that was suffering some problems and was running very slowly. The PC in question is an 8 year old Dell Dimension.

Website inoperable Print E-mail


Website Inoperable – December 2011

The company in question had posted an urgent requirement on a freelancer website as their website had stopped working. They had inadvertently also posted some of the administration login details for all to see when they selected a freelancer to assist them.


Testimonials - fact or fiction? Print E-mail

They may be a common feature of many websites, but are the testimonials fact or fiction? Is there any value because of the fictitious possibility?

A Simple Check Print E-mail

If you had to, would you be able to restore from your backups?

You do backup your system, don't you?

It's strongly recommended that you test your backups

How long ago was your anti-virus profile last updated?

Your software should be set to update regularly. Assuming you've been connected to the Internet you should expect to see the most recent update within the past 24 hours

Do you have Windows updated enabled?

Microsoft issue regular security fixes, you should allow updates to happen automatically, or to at least prompt when there is an update to be applied.

Are your USB Flash Drives encrypted?

If you lost an unencrypted flash drive, would it concern you if the data got into the wrong hands? If you store any confidential or other sensitive data on a USB stick you should look at encryption.

Do you use strong passwords, even if not compulsory?

You won't have the choice with online banking etc, but even if you are not forced to, do you choose to use strong passwords in some cases (for example your email account)?


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